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Built on the foundation of our values: Agility, Value, Efficiency, and Excellence.

Strategic Services

  • Comprehensive top-down cost reduction and process improvement assessment, strategy, and implementation

  • Virtual or on-site assessments for packaging and overall manufacturing processes

  • Opportunity investigation (project feasibility/ vendor vetting)

  • Organization-wide or consolidation sourcing strategy

Sustainability Strategy & Implementation

All encompassing strategic guidance from corporate-level down to SKU-level to meet sustainability objectives.

A la carte Services Including Computer Aided Design (CAD)

  • Structure evaluation and changes

  • Packaging design feasibility and optimization

  • Packaging specification compilation

  • Pallet design and artwork approval

  • Design creation and modification

  • ArtiosCAD/Esko support

Sourcing Strategy & Support

  • RFP and project-specific pricing/logistics support

  • On-demand experienced professional engineers (long-term fractional to short-term full-time)

  • Cross-functional team strategy and representation

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