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Not Just Packaging Engineers

We firmly believe that strategic partnerships are a vital element of a successful company. As a partner, we're energized by the success we help your company achieve - because we succeed when you succeed! While our technical expertise is in the packaging world, our business acumen and and experience is what sets us apart. It's common for companies to ignore the value of good packaging while blaming it for issues cause by manufacturing and other processes.

That's why we don't just make changes to a package and walk away, we work with all aspects of your business - R&D, operations, logistics, marketing, and your vendors to mine efficiencies, savings, and to improve our overall business.


We take pride in working as hard as you are, anticipating, and expertly eliminating obstacles to clear your path to greater profits.

Led by Jessica Schwartz and her nearly 20 years of packaging engineering experience in consumer packaged goods, apparel and accessories, furniture, and more, she holds a master's degree in packaging engineering from Michigan State University.

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