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Packaging Redesign Project for Upscale Sprinkles Company Entering Online Gift sales and Brick and Mortar Retail Stores

This packaging redesign project was completed for an upscale sprinkles company increasing their online gift sales options and expanding into retail stores. The objective was to revitalize the packaging to align with the company's premium brand image and appeal to retail customers. The project involved extensive research, creative design exploration, and implementation of packaging solutions that would effectively showcase the product's quality and attract target consumers.


Brand Alignment and Strategy:

Collaborated with the client’s marketing team to define the desired brand image and positioning in the retail market.

Developed a comprehensive brand strategy to guide the packaging redesign, focusing on capturing the essence of the upscale brand. This involved considerations for an elevated unboxing experience.

Creative Design Exploration:

Enlisted a team of packaging manufacturers and suppliers to brainstorm and conceptualize various packaging design directions.

Evaluated market for premium bottles, closures, cartons, gift boxes, and labels. Each vendor was assessed for capabilities, cost, and customer service.

Packaging Material Selection:

Evaluated various packaging materials to identify options that would best preserve the product's quality while enhancing the brand's premium image.

Conducted sustainability assessments to ensure the chosen materials aligned with the company's environmental values.

Iterative Prototyping and Testing:

Developed prototypes of the new packaging designs to assess their aesthetic appeal, functionality, and overall user experience.

Conducted focus groups and user testing to gather feedback on the packaging prototypes, incorporating suggestions for improvement.

Implementation and Production:

Collaborated with packaging suppliers and manufacturers to ensure the successful execution of the custom gift boxes and retail offerings.


  • Enhanced Brand Image: The new packaging design aligned seamlessly with the upscale sprinkles company's premium brand image, conveying a sense of luxury, sophistication, and quality.   The packaging successfully differentiated the brand from competitors and attracted the target retail customers seeking a premium sprinkle experience.

  • Eye-Catching Visual Appeal: The redesigned packaging featured visually striking designs, including elegant typography, vibrant colors, and appealing graphic elements that enticed consumers to engage with the product.  

  • Improved Functionality and Convenience: The new packaging design ensured ease of use, storage, and resealability, enhancing the overall user experience.   Practical features, such as transparent windows for product visibility and ergonomic packaging shapes, added convenience for both retailers and consumers.

  • Sustainable Packaging Approach: The packaging materials aligned with the company's commitment to sustainability, reducing the environmental impact of the packaging and appealing to eco-conscious consumers.

  • Successful Market Entry: The revamped packaging design helped the upscale sprinkles company make a strong entry into the retail market, attracting new customers and gaining shelf visibility.


Through a strategic packaging redesign process, the upscale sprinkles company successfully positioned itself for improved online sales and retail market entry. The new packaging design aligned with the brand's upscale image, attracted target consumers, and differentiated the product from competitors. By combining aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability, the packaging redesign played a pivotal role.


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