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Four Ways to Save on Corrugated Boxes

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Images of different sized cardboard boxes

Corrugated boxes are a common packaging solution for food manufacturers, but they can also be a significant expense. Visit or CLICK HERE to schedule a free consultation with an experienced engineer who can help you determine what's right for your company. Here are four ways to save on corrugated boxes:

Standardize Packaging Sizes: Standardizing packaging sizes can help reduce costs by minimizing the number of different sizes of corrugated boxes needed. This can also help optimize pallet and truck space, reducing transportation costs. By standardizing packaging sizes, food manufacturers can also potentially negotiate better prices from suppliers.

Use partially pre-printed cases: Print UPC and product specific information right on the line. Inventory less material, reduce obsolete cases getting through and track inventory more easily.

Optimize Box Design: Optimizing the design of corrugated boxes can help reduce material usage and save money. This can include using a smaller box size or redesigning the box to require less material while maintaining its strength and durability. Food manufacturers can work with packaging designers to create more efficient and cost-effective box designs.

Use Just-in-Time Delivery: Using just-in-time delivery can help reduce the need for storage space and minimize the risk of damage to corrugated boxes due to prolonged storage. By having boxes delivered as needed, food manufacturers can reduce inventory holding costs and potentially negotiate better prices from suppliers. This can also help reduce waste by ensuring that boxes are used before they become obsolete or damaged.

If you want to talk about how these options apply to your organization, call Jessica Schwartz at 651-214-6577, email her at, or CLICK HERE to book a free consultation.

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